Friday, June 7, 2013

Time to pack up.

It is midnight.  I am tired, and haven't started packing.  We leave the beach tomorrow and am just wanting to relish in the moment.  

It was one of those days, and nights.  Good that is.  
Yesterday was rainy all day.  We had the effects of Hurricane Andrea pass through.  It made the day today that much more pleasant.  You appreciate the good when you have had the rain.:)

I discovered Harbor Bay with the girls this morning....

I was so happy about our discovery we committed to go back with the boys in the evening.  It is my favorite part of Hilton Head so far.  

These gorgeous hydrangeas are in full bloom on the island.  I could not help but not stop and take a  picture.  

We then ate a quick bite to eat and headed to the beach.

My blue eyed, fair skinned little guy was seriously cracking us all up.  

We ate dinner at a local hot spot pizza joint called Guiseppi's.  It was delicious.  Then we headed back to Harbor Island for sunset, outdoor live music, and a park.

We even found our boat.....just missing the "K" darn it.

It was just one of those nights in life you hope and know you won't forget.  
I am gearing up for next week.  We have been spoiled having Mike with us all week.  This back for the next month when his schedule is loaded:)  Ah.....I will relish for now.

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