Thursday, July 18, 2013

Boiling Hot!

I has been boiling hot around here.  Over 100 degrees with humidity.  In lieu of the "boiling hotness" we headed to Boiling Springs, in hopes the "springs" part of the town would cool us off this morning.   It was Sara, Becky, and myself with 13 kids in tow under age eight.  We were brave and adventurous souls this morning.  

The town of Boiling Springs is just 25 miles from our house, and is a darling little town where people traveling the Appalachian Trail pass through.  Sara has been telling me about it for months, and it was about time we went together.

I loved the "outdoorsy" and quaint feel of the town.

The kids fed ducks.  

Caught tiny fish with their nets. Ikey's eyes match this blue net perfectly.

Waded through spring water.

Picked flowers from trees.  These girls are girly.  Elizabeth is Sara's oldest, and quite the helper with the babies.

The babies were troopers, especially Hannah at only two months.

The Mom's....well yes....we were troopers too.:)

We beat the heat.  We got out of the house. We explored a new town.  

All in all .......

The Adventure of Boiling Springs checked off the list as an adventure success.  I am definitely ready to go back.  Next time with Mike and my hiking shoes.  

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