Sunday, July 14, 2013

Palmyra Weekend.

I always love to blog about things while they are fresh on my mind.  We had  fun filled day and night at the Palmyra Pageant in Upstate New York, and just got home a few hours ago.

I must admit I am a Palmyra Pageant fan to the brim.  The spirit of Palmyra exists.  Basically the Pageant is a time where people come from all over the country to watch an amazing play put on by average members of the Mormon church about the Book Of Mormon.  It is a PRODUCTION.  The tiny town of Palmyra is buzzing with tons of suburbans, and mini vans, and lots of Mormon families.   I LOVE IT!  

My love of the Pageant started when I was 13 years old.  My older sister was in the play, and my family took an East Coast vacation to watch the play in Palmyra.  It was the first time I had been to the East Coast.  I remember then, as I felt again yesterday a fierce loyalty to my faith during my Palmyra visit.  

I remember at age 13 meeting friendly faces from all over the country.  It hasn't changed.  I met some really great families yesterday from Florida, California, Boston, Illinois, Salt Lake, Minnesota.  We even met  a couple from Mesa who offered to host our family while we look for housing next year in our move.  Ha....they have no idea!!!:)  People were so kind, interested, and loving.      

I have been back to the Pageant 6 other times, and each time I come home feeling rejuvenated in my faith.  
It is only a four and a half hour drive from Harrisburg.  A small jaunt in comparison to many that come.

Yesterday we went up with a few families from our ward.  I couldn't wait to post a few pictures/highlights of the trip.

Horizon just prior to the play starting......

Our family in the Sacred Grove.

All the people starting to come to the grounds.

Part of our crew just entering the Sacred Grove.

Dad and Sammy time in the Sacred Grove. 
Sammy and some more first steps. He always keeps his hands in the air for balance, and looks like he is shouting "touchdown".  

The Palmyra Temple....

The "littles"....

The kids walking through the groves of trees.

Loving watching this boy smile from ear to ear while playing some football with friends.

Just relaxing before the play.
We lucked out with the weather this year.  I mean REALLY   LUCKED   OUT!  It wasn't too hot, and it wasn't raining.  Two huge feats to beat during East Coast summers.  

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