Tuesday, July 2, 2013

This Is One For The Books

Catherine has two boyfriends.  She informs me every day about her two boy friends.  In fact she informs everyone.  Their names.....Ikey and Brayden.  She loves them.  Really she tells me all the time.  She alternates each day which one she is going to marry. 

I do not encourage her.  I really don't.  I listen and laugh at times.....but I am not one of those oh lets have a boyfriend when your little type of Moms.  We joke that Catherine is in Catherine world.  A world of pink, and princesses, and princes, high heels, necklaces, and lets not forget makeup.  In fact both her boyfriends Ikey and Brayden have been tortured with her giving them makeovers.  

I happen to be really good friends with both Catherine's boyfriends Mom's.  We just kind of laugh and try to play along with her.  She has a strong personality, and likes to be heard.  She loves to talk about her imaginary world, her makeup, and her boyfriends....Ikey and Brayden.

So I secretly snuck these pictures at the park this morning.  I had have to for posterity sake.  I love the series.....

Just hanging out.

Ikey going for the kiss....impressive move with pizza in hand.:)

Catherine all smiles......

Are you kidding?  Brayden soon follows.  Could she be any happier?  Can't wait to pull these out someday for us to all laugh and reminisce.  

This Cath of mine is going to keep me on my toes for a long time to come.  And yes....she has us all wrapped around her little finger.

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