Monday, September 9, 2013

Day of Soccer

It was the opening day for soccer in Camp Hill Saturday.  We had team pictures, and games throughout the morning.  My kids were so anxious about their first game, especially Mikey.  
He decided that he really "needed" to sleep in his entire uniform the night before....just to make sure that he made it in time for the game.  
I couldn't convince him otherwise.  Shin guards looked definitely uncomfortable, but he was determined to be prepared.  They woke up ready and rearing.  

I must admit I love to see this intense little face on the field.  It was his first time playing goalie.  We were all kind of holding our breath....but he proved fit for the job:)

Mikey in action.....

Team pictures.  Such a cute team.  But seriously....could the photographer have moved them just  five more feet into the shade for a picture without shadows.

So I had to take a picture of Cath five feet away in the shade.  Point proven.....a 1,000 x's better picture.  It is all about the lighting folks.:)  I had to bite my tongue and not be the annoying Mom who asks the sports photographer to move over into the shade a few more steps.:)

This is a more typical picture of the team.  Girls love to be every bit as silly as boys.:) 

Opponents on the field, next door neighbors and friends off.  These brothers are surely cute.

Alyssa with her "treats" after a hard fought game.

Alyssa's number 01 fan.  Alyssa and Sammy share the same number.  I couldn't resist.:)  

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