Sunday, September 15, 2013

Firsts for Everything.

It was my first time meeting this beautiful couple.  It was my first time visiting Millerstown, in Perry County Pennsylvania.  It was my first time as a wedding photographer.  

IT was a memory I HOPE and KNOw I will NEVER Forget!  A favorite memory of my life in Pennsylvania thus far.  I was in insider to a fantastically country wedding in the heartland of Pennsylvania.

I was really nervous on the drive to Millerstown, which is 25 miles from Harrisburg.  I kept thinking worse case scenario "If I mess up on the big wedding day....this is pictures EVER for the couple and their posterity."  I felt stretched.  I have decided however, that feeling stretched it good.  Doing something just a bit out of your comfort zone helps us all to be stronger, more well rounded.  At least that was my pep talk to myself.  

The event turned out to flow without a hitch, photography included.  My first wedding DONE!  

This was the beautiful couple.... cowboy boots, tractors, camo hats and all.  

This was the Minister/Cousin who married the couple.  Don't get him confused with the lead singer of Guns and Roses....I couldn't get over his get up.  I still CAN'T get over his get up.  

This was the Ministers' niece.  Her beauty and smile could rival Shirley Temples.  She had me wrapped around my little finger.  

These were the boots.....THE BRIDES that is....

The bridesmaids came through for line dancing as well.

A country party to say the least on a GORGEOUS FALL DAY in Pennsylvania.

I have ALWAYS LOVED to meet new people, visit different places, and experience life through other peoples eyes.  I love to people watch.  As the photographer yesterday I had the perfect excuse to just.....WATCH....and take a few HUNDRED pictures:)

The bride touched my heart.  With a mother who is ill, and putting together the wedding all on her own with dear friends to her aid, I was lucky to be involved with her big day.  She was kind and gracious in every way.  She was unruffled, calm, collect, and classy.  She touched my heart....and all I wanted 
was to capture



I think she looks like a Jane Austin character from the picture above.  If only I was a writer...yesterday was the perfect scene for at least a couple of chapters:)  

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