Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Guess who turned 4?!!!!

Little Catherine is growing up.  Four years old....I just can't believe.  One word comes to mind when I think of Catherine Elizabeth Sumko

It seems like just yesterday she was born.  I must admit I was very NERVOUS to have her.  I felt a bit overwhelmed in my life while I was pregnant with her emotionally and physically.  My Mom had recently been diagnosed with cancer, my husband didn't have a residency or specialty yet, and was travelling a TON.  Mikey was into EVERYTHING, and I pretty much just thought I couldn't handle much more in my life.  

The moment she was born tears came and I KNEW without a shadow of a doubt the joy this little girl would bring into my life.  My Mom and Dad were both there for the delivery.....and JOY was FELT!  

I cried and cried the day my Mom left after her visit for the arrival of Catherine.  It was like I was the last time she would visit.  She was starting chemo the week after Catherine was born.  Little baby Catherine and the joy that she was got me through some tough months.  I just can't imagine my life without her.

Alyssa and Mikey always ask me about what each of them were like when they were babies.  They want to know things like who was the biggest baby, who cried the most, who learned to walk the earliest, who laughed the loudest.  They each have their "own" story they LOVE to hear.  The other day Lyssa asked "Mom, who was the easiest baby to run errands with.....?"  She then put her hands up dramatically and said with a bit rolling of her eyes..."Oh wait, let me guess.....Catherine."  

It is kind of the family joke that Cath was my baby that cried the least. She came HAPPY!
It was like the LORD knew exactly what I needed and when.  

Don't get me wrong she has turned into a spit fire.  I have probably spoiled her wayyyyy tooo much. But oh what a joy she has been.


We cut cake with the neighbors.  They are pretty much like family...I couldn't imagine not having them ALL involved.  I LOVE THIS just makes me laugh.

YEP....SAY CHEESE>>>>>>>>

HUGS from Lyssa and MIKEY


Strict instructions on a PINK cake.  SHE LOVES her new eyeshadow.  All she wanted was makeup, and things for her pink kitchen.

Sammy cleaning up house:!!! LOVE this boy!

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