Friday, September 20, 2013

High Maintenance

I was at the grocery store yesterday during the day with my husband, Catherine, and Sammy.  Mike had a few hours miraculously off during the day so we headed out together for errands.  We went to Wegmans's our FAVORITE grocery store in the East.  I think there are actually blog's on why Wegman's is the best grocery store in the nation....but that is for another post/day/time.  

We were stashing up on necessary and some unnecessary items for home.  I went to grab my Diet Coke bottle 6 pack, and Mike pointed out that the cans were actually a better value and deal.  I looked at him and said nicely but firmly "Mike....I like my 20 oz.  I have a thing with the 20 oz bottle for some reason.  It is just the perfect amount of fizz, and just the right size.  It is what I get when I buy a Diet Coke."  He looked at me with a grin and I knew he was going to say something to rial me up.  " are high maintenance."  Yep....he riled me up.  

However just then, I had a epiphany that has been oh so sweet. Sometimes, more often than not it REALLY is OK to be High maintenance.  So I looked at my dear sweet husband who I love and adore and  said "Yes Mike I am high maintenance.  I have been low maintenance in many aspects of my life....and quite frankly I am tired of low maintenance.  It has gotten me nowhere.  So today I am high maintenance, and by the way I LOVE IT"  The sentences just came blurting out!  

He looked at me a bit shell shocked not quite expecting that reply.  Like the wonderful husband  he is he just reached for the 20 oz bottles and put them in the cart.  A happy wife is a happy life his father always told him.  Smart words, from a smart man.:)  

So often in our lives as woman and mothers, serving in our churches and schools we try so hard to be "low maintenance" and think of others.  It is most woman's nature to be selfless.  We think of what everyone else needs and what everyone else wants more than our own needs and wants.  It is one of the best traits many of us have.  Service truly does bring happiness.  However....I have found in my own life I will go INSANE if I ONLY think of others, and never think of myself.  It is THERAPEUTIC enjoy things that we love. 

Five seconds after those words to Mike came blurting out of my mouth Sammy knocked half a display of crackers down.  I calmly and patiently picked up the boxes without yelling at my child and noticed to myself......"If I was really high maintenance I wouldn't even be here with my kids, I would have a nanny.:)"  How is that for rationalization.  

We are all human, we are all trying our best as mothers, sisters, friends, and church members.  We all deserve a bit of a break. We all deserve to be high maintenance in ways that fill our "wells".  It made me happy to relearn that lesson yesterday.  If we don't take care of one else will.  A sad, but somewhat true realization as I have grown up.  It is important to take care of ourselves and for heavens sakes if that means being high maintenance...then let us ALL be 

Happy Friday.  In the spirit of this blog post I pulled out my jewels for the day just to mop my floor and do some laundry.

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DeAnn McWhorter said...

AND THIS IS WHY WE GET ALONG SO WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!