Wednesday, September 11, 2013

This is a very fitting quote for the day.  I am reminiscent of 12 years ago, and the tragic events of the day.  I
was at Reagan National airport getting ready to board a plane from DC to Salt Lake.  I was less than 200 yards from the pentagon.  We could all feel the blast and I have never been so afraid at the unknown that was happening.  I actually thought we had been bombed at the time.  We didn't know what was happening, and were all immediately evacuated from the airport.

I got on the nearest metro immediately just trying to get as far away from the chaos that I knew surrounded me.  I was on the train with two men that had just flown from Boston, realizing in hindsight they had left the exact same time the terrorist's boarded their plane heading towards the Twin Towers.

The weather was a lot the same as it is today in the East.  Sunny, hot, and humid.  
I will never forget the fear, loss, but strength that we all felt that  day.  I was in history.  We all were in history.  It is a day that we should always remember, be mindful of those lost, and grateful for the freedom and amazing hero's of the world.  

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