Monday, October 7, 2013

 I am learning that in life you have to choose your battles, you can't do everything, and you live and learn.  I am learning that romantic envisions of lovely, calm, sit down family dinners are ......well lets say.....a bit more difficult as of late for some reason!

Sammy thrilled to be sitting not at the table but ON! 

Alyssa with full pride wearing her BYU sweatshirt to school for homecoming "wear you favorite team" to school day.  She has been keeping me busy with all this gear on different days she "has to wear for school spirit".  She was convinced on getting Lion Pride last week. 
She got in the car when I picked her up and she surprisingly said "Mom, I was the ONLY one wearing a BYU sweatshirt, no one has ever even heard of BYU."  Welcome to the East my dear, where Pittsburgh Steelers, Penn State, and Philadelphia Eagles dominate the neighborhood.  
I responded "Good job Alyssa, wear it with pride my dear, wear it with pride."  

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