Thursday, October 10, 2013

Kindred Soul .....

You know those people that you meet and you instantly just become friends.   You start talking to them and you almost feel like you are kind of talking to yourself.  You have the same hobbies, you like the same is just easy from the get go to have a million and one things to talk about.  

A few months ago I met my friend Andrea and it was like I was talking to myself, but to someone WAY more COOL:).  She lives in Anneville, PA and has six darling children (five of whom are boys).  She loves antiques, to refurbsish the old, loves crafts,  kids, she loves God, loves to shop, loves PICTURES....she has a million AMAZING photos.  Her best friend and neighbor is an EXTREMELY talented photographer near Lebanon, PA.  

We JUST HIT IT oFF.  So I was lucky to go to her house last week for the first time. It is as charming as she is. Next time I am taking my camera!   She lives on a over an acre in the MIDDLE of the COUNTRY.  

I had the best time just hanging out, chatting about life, looking through catalogues, while whipped me up some bows for my girls.  It was an escape from my craziness of life just for a moment, and exactly what I needed.  I am going back again next week, and can't wait!

These are some of the amazing photos that her friend has taken of her family.  I am sooooo inspired by the props, the lighting....and the family.   


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