Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The week so far.

Concerns for the week.....just to be honest.

Mike on the roof....roofing the entire house. Fortunately not completely alone, and thanks to me he is wearing a hard hat, and harness.
Mikey.....way too interested in tackling his siblings, not interested in reading which he really NEEDS.
Catherine throwing tantrums a bit more often than usual.
Sammy.....getting his tooth chipped and into EVERYTHING.
Mom a back log of photos I need to edit and a few too many loads of laundry and bills to pay

Favorite parts about the week
Crashing (literally) at night in Alyssa and Mikey's bed while they COMPLETELY reveal their DAY.
Sammy finally recovered from his two week cold.
Finding an awesome ottoman in someones throw away pile and the perfect fabric to recover it with
Finding this  .....

GORGEOUS $80/yard schumacher fabric at my local fabric outlet.  I was able to purchase it for 90 percent off.      

ModPodge addiction with the above poster.  

A little trick.  
I enlarged a picture on poster paper at Office
Depot.  (A black and white on poster is $3.50 for the largest size)  They made a printing error so I ended up with the color photo for $3.50.  Once I got my poster I used an old piece of wood to glue it to.  I found an old door from my neighbor who happened to be throwing it out.  I used modpodge to glue the poster down.  I then applied a thin layer of modpodge over the top of the entire piece.  Within an hour of drying and $3.50 later I had a quite the canvas....with just the right rustic touch.

Hat day for Alyssa's school.  They just made them better back in the 40's.  

And it is only TUESDAY.  Oh my the week is flying.:) 

My goal for the week.

To have less concerns, and more favorites.     

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