Sunday, November 17, 2013


Our family  headed up to NYC yesterday for the morning and afternoon.  It was beautiful weather, and we got to see and meet amazing people.  Since I got home late last night I have been kind of reflective.  I have been thinking about the grand city of New York with all of its hugeness.  

When I think of New York I think of BIG.  Big buildings, big crowds, big life.  I love to people watch and I always come away reflecting a bit on my own life.  I think about how small my life is compared to the big city.  I had a moment this weekend and I realized something.  

I love big and grand, but I realize that small and simple are what make the world go round.  It is the small and simple things even when we are in a "big" city that make us the most happy.  It is the people that we see, the little hidden food places we find, the little window we notice, the little side alleys that catch our attention.  They are all little things......that make up this grand city.  

This tree.....

is the perfect example.  This small tree in the middle of Central Park was breathtaking.   

Watching three of my favorite people hold hands and walk the streets made me proud.  

Being a child in every sense of the word...... 

This little facade was my favorite this just happened to be Harry Winston.:)

This window was dreamy.  I was kind of obsessed.  I think because I covet the chairs...

Ice skating for the very first time in Central Park was simply my favorite experience so far in New York.  I think in part because of the company.....

Sometimes I take for granted little things.  I say dumb little things unintentionally, or act on impulse to try and make up for lack of grandeur. I need to be better about not focusing on grandeur, but the process in trying to achieve goodness.  It is all about the small and simple things we say and do.

I need to be better about that one!

The End!:)    

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