Monday, December 9, 2013

FAmily Pictures.....Lebanon Pennsylvania style....

My friend Andrea who lives out in Anneville recommended her best friend for family pictures.  
I loved going out to the country side of Lebanon Pennsylvania for family picture event.  The photographer hosted mini sessions.  Four stations of vintage prop filled stations (we got to pick two).  We had 20 minute time slots, and the time was perfect.  It was freezing...and our little family wasn't going to last any longer.  

The four stations that were set up were SO very enchanting.  A lot thought and work put into every detail.  She photographs from her house, and has about 2 acres of land to work with.  The props included a bed station, a log station, a vintage velvet couch, and my personal favorite.....a mint colored, old pick up truck.  A reason alone for a trek to Lebanon.  I have an obsession with the color mint, and old cars are also at the top of my list of things I love.  

I enjoyed witnessing this photographer in action.  She and her partner are fantastically talented....and I sooooo enjoyed having SOME ONE else take our family pictures for Christmas.  It was a photo shoot full of memories.  We went over the river and through the 
was WORTH IT.  

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