Sunday, December 22, 2013

Our Christmas vacation officially started around here Friday night.  Kids are done with school for a week, and Mike off work for a few days.  We are LOVIN it.  Friday also happened to be my oldest childs birthday.  Nine years ago....this little firecracker was born.  

and she is growin up on me.  This picture is the proof!  

Alyssa this year

Eyes still wide open from the minute she was born.....literally:)
Quite the little babysitter.  She helps me with Sammy beyond measure.
Still LOVES people...if given a choice of doing something or being with friends......the friends always win out.
Tall like her Mama.
Interested in lots of things, her hobbies change frequently.
Likes to sit at the "big people table".  If given a choice she will always choose a bit of grown up conversation. 
Loves to laugh.....and does it often.
Very huggy.....she gives me 20 hugs a day....and I LOVE IT.
Smart like her Dad.

My LIFE changed completely ALL FOR THE GOOD the day she was born.  
WE LOVE THIS little ...... getting big girl.


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