Monday, January 27, 2014

Valentines Pictures.....

I am getting ready for some children mini valentine sessions.  It is so easy, easy to grab some fun shots of my kids with my new little studio set up.  I LOVE it. millions of photos as of late.  
My kids were being soooo silly!!!
The bow tie prop is from Target and came with other photo booth props.  My banner I made from gift bags I found for $1 at Michaels.  I just cut them up, poked some holes, and added the twine.

Cath's necklace came from a website called sparkle in pink.  They sell cute children's accessories  for steals of a deal.  Her pillbox hat I got from Janie and Jack.  I LOVE that store!!!

Mikey's goofy face.....PRICELESS!

 This jokester of mine.....

Pretty sweet of Cath.  I just wish she was acting quite this sweet just prior and post the pictures.:)
I got that cute heart from Target.  It is a purse.  I kept one for a purse, and cut the other one to make for a matching headpiece.  I love valentines accessories!   

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Amber said...

Absolutely adorable. :)