Thursday, February 13, 2014

Last night around midnight we had a HUGE snowstorm for Pennsylvania.  A couple of feet in a short amount of time.  School was definitely cancelled.  We woke up, stayed in pj's for half the day.  My neighbor Becky rounded us up this afternoon with some sleds and we headed to the park behind our house for some serious sledding.:)  

The crew towing.....

Mikey.....already focused.....

Apparantly school was held in session at the hill behind the park.

Austyn....pushing her Mom around.  The one time, it is ok:)

Catherine and her little round face!  

Mom and Becky .....heading down together.  The kids thought is was hilarious to see their Moms plumet together in a pile at the bottom of the hill.

Cath....body sledding.

A cool red barn nearby....I had to take a picture.

There was no stopping these two.....literally almost ran me off the road.

Mikey enjoying going down the hill more than up.

Never mess with a 7 year old with a bright red sled, and a furry hat!  

Mom at home buddled up ready for bed with a house full of tired kids.  Ready to watch some Olympics.


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