Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I think I need an etsy shop.....

I found this vintage pink dress at "my" antique store.  Carol, the woman at the front talked me into buying it.  It was quite the steal of deal.  Much less than anything I could find in a department store.  I find so many treasures....and I am soon to be leaving.  I always in the back of my head wonder if I should open up an etsy shop to sale some of my finds...


So Catherine took these pictures.  I know amazing right:).  Basically I told her to just hold still and push the button.  I set the settings so she wouldn't have to do much.  However holding still is quite impressive for this four year old.  

These pictures are very edited/photoshop....(ie. lighting, skin shmearing, etc.).  Basically I look a lot better in the picture than in real life.   However, the dress is 
seriously GORGEOUS!   I found a few others not my size...I am considering buying to sale.

I am not a good poser...and quite frankly....I felt really silly.
But...I LOVE this tea length, vintage, modest dress!  
  They had it right in the 50's!

PS.  my backrop.....best purchase of the year minus the dress:)  

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