Monday, April 14, 2014

Catch Up

Oh...boy...when you don't blog for a few days, I feel like there is lots of catch up. A whole lot of little nothings that are always somethings to me.  If that makes any sense.  With the weather looking up around here it is amazing at the migration of people outside.  I have seen more neighbors the past few days...than I ever even knew existed.  We really had a harsh winter here.  I think it was harder on most of us than we would care to admit.  

I told Mike this morning......"hun....I think I am done with winters forever..... please consider this when we look at practices."   He just laughed.....

I was serious!

My friend Sara called me the other morning, and told me she was headed to a "gourd farm in Carlisle, Pennsylvania."  I never knew "gourd" farms I just had to go along for the ride with my littles.  It surely beat the alternative to stay home and clean.  

It was perfect weather (minus the wind), and I ALWAYS love an outing....especially with Sara.  
She is seriously the BEST.

So this is what a "Gourd" farm apparantly looks like.

My favorite part was this little "gnome" hut.  

These are the gourds dried.  I bought some egg shapes ones to paint.  I hope to get around to that .....

Not sure what was behind these doors....opening with caution.

Cath....being Cath....

My beautiful friend Sara ....(love her shades) and that we actually needed them.

and my Sam.  Along for the ride.  His latest song he won't stop singing is "Let it go"....from Frozen.  He sings and sings the three words he knows from the song over and over and over....

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