Wednesday, April 23, 2014

For anyone who reads this little blog of mine knows that I started writing, documenting, journal/blogging  for three reasons.  Three specific reasons.    

1) With the passing of my Mom, I needed a place to share.....a space to tell those things I just wanted to call and tell my Mom on the phone.  The little things.  The creative things that go through my head, random thoughts I have.  She was always "the" person I could tell a story to.   The random things in my life.
2) This is my creative outlet.  I have a million and one things in life like so many people that have to get done.  Dishes to do, diapers to change, mouths to feed, laundry and mounds of laundry to fold.  However this is my place to escape for a moment.  To get to speak.
3) It is a journal of my life, a personal history of sorts.  Someday I hope my kids will read this.... laugh, cry and, just think "yep" this is our Mom.  

I have to remind myself of these reasons, because sometimes I do silly things.....and post random posts.  I don't proclaim to be an expert or the BEST at ANYTHING.  I don't think I have the "BEST" taste, or have the "GREATEST" ideas.  Genuinely.....I know that I don't.  I do however know that I have my own taste, and my own ideas that come from a line of creative, thoughtful, and beautiful woman.  This blog is my space to share.  

Hence.....this picture. Oh and did I mention along the way of blogging I have become obsessed with photography and photoshop........  Just a side note.  But if you are already know that.

I got this dress as a birthday present to myself.  When I purchased it, I immediately thought of my Mom, and how much she would love this dress.  It reminds me of her.  Hence, I had Cath and Ikey take a picture.  I love that the photo is a bit sideways....(my camera is heavy for those two).  

I took this picture because it represents things I love from a long line of souls.  

1) A deep love of bright colors.  I just can't get enough of the brights in my life.  
2) The gingham.  I can never "NOT" remember owning something gingham in my life.  Whether it was a favorite baby blanket, Grandma Harrington's tablecloths, an invitation for one of my birthday parties.  Gingham is like a neutral in Edwards/Harrington family.  It "goes with everything".  
3)  Hot pink accessories.  I have mentioned before if I ever wanted a new pair of shoes.....especially hot pink ones......My MOM was the GO TO.  In fact this fine pair of loafers were a gift from her given to me over 10 years ago from JCREW.  Gotta love the classics.  
4)  The sunhat.......I have the most vivid childhood memory of my Grandma Edwards wearing a big wide brim sunhat constantly when she was working outdoors.  She was a master gardener.  
5) Turquoise.....this particular reminds me of my Grandma Harrington for some reason, or my old Aunt Jenn.  I am pretty sure one of them owned a similar necklace to the one I am wearing.  

So on this.....the week of my birthday....I am posting this random picture representing my love of photography, photoshop, styling, hot pink, dresses, gingham, my lineage, and genetic makeup.   A birthday picture of sorts.   

This particular week of my birthday I have felt love from the heavens above.  I have felt smiles shining on me from those I love most in this world.  With Easter last weekend, I know that our Savior lives, and that I will be able to live with my family eternally.  I am so grateful for that knowledge and the peace it brings me.  


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