Saturday, April 5, 2014

I am deciding each stage of life carries with it the good and the bad.......blessings and challenges.

Latest blessing........
We sold our house!

Latest Challenge......
I feel homeless!

We are still living in this house until June....shwew.....but we have not yet found a place of residence for next year.  Oh boy, the stress of the unknown.  Every rental I call tells me June is too far out.  

It is really exciting to be at the end of residency, and we are so lucky to be living in this house until we have to move in June.  However, my thoughts, focus, and energy has been consumed as of late with moving. 
 the unknown of where we may or may not be living.     

I have alway prided myself on someone who embraces, and actually enjoys change.  I have always loved the spontaneous to a certain degree.  An adventure of moving somewhere new, and meeting new friends is always exciting. However in my older age, I am wondering if my itch for adventure may be fading.  

The idea of moving somewhere, and never moving again....sounds really quite appealing.  I mean....I can always travel to fulfill my sense of adventure....right?:)   

Patience is always something that I am trying to learn, and my patience is surely being tested right

I love New Year's resolutions, but right now calls for something drastic.
I need to make some monthly resolutions.  

Drastic means calls for drastic measure.

So here we go!

My New Years Resolutions until we move....

Read a good book.
Write down all the positive things in my life.
Take a day trip to NYC or Washington DC.
Paint my bedroom dresser.
Sew an outfit for the girls.
Frequent my favorite antique store weekly.
Exercise four times a week (I am convinced it's as good as therapy).
Take lots of pictures (especially of the Easter blossoms).
Host a girls lunch (despite my sun room half torn apart).
Read my scriptures EVERY DAY.
Pack away my winter clothes (hopefully sooner than later).


Just CHILL out!

Easier said than done! :)

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