Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Week of Birthdays!

Half the family has a birthday the week April 20th.  Amazing....how that works out.  
Mine was the first, and happened to be yesterday.  Mike is today's.  
Happy birthday to us both.

A pie made for each of us from my dearest Sara.  She made strawberry for me, and banana cream for Mike.  Sara has made us a cake or a pie every birthday we have lived in Pennsylvania.  She is such a dear dear friend.  Whether she knows it or not, her pies/cakes have become a tradition:)  We are going to have to Skype her next year while eating our birthday cakes we make for ourselves in Arizona.  

It was a very low key birthday....I must admit.  Nothing grand, no major plans.  In fact, I didn't even make it out of a two mile radius from my house.  Usually that drives me crazy....but yesterday it felt heavenly.  
The kids didn't have school, they were outside with neighbors and friends playing the entire day.

I was outside with all my kids pretty much the entire day.  I have a granola side to my personality.  I have many moments where I love being in the dirt, walking through nature trails, going on jogs, and being in yoga pants all day.  Yesterday.....was one of those days.  

I went on a jog, watched Catherine almost break her leg roller skating, enjoyed laying in the sun while Sammy rode his scooter.  Alyssa and Mikey were outside with us building pretend forts, playing baseball, and just hanging out.  

We had leftover Easter food for dinner.  Mike and Dan made it home just in time to join us in the eve for a mini hike down by our nearby river/stream (a break off of the Susquehanna).

 This stream by our house has entertained my kids for hours over the years.

A beautiful branch off of the Susquehanna river where Mikey was thrilled to tease people with a crayfish. Mischief in his eyes..... 

These girls love to splash!

Sammy has these two men wrapped around both of their fingers.  "Uncle Dan has become a favorite phrase".  

A gold lit picture..I had to get one:)  

Crayfish of plenty...

Salamanders galore.  Mikey and his friend Ikey caught most of these guys.  Together they hunted and scoured. 

My boys boy......loving the 

rough and tumble....

Brothers...that wear scrubs together....stay together.  It has been so much fun to have Dan out here living with us for the month.  What a fun way to "really" get to know him.  He has seen it all with us Sumko's.  He even cleaned my car for my birthday.  A shop vac full of junk....what a saint!:)  

A bat the boys thought was hilarious to awake....(oh boy).....like father like son as far as mischief.  

Dirt on her face the same color as her eyes.......big and brown:)  

I am loving my outdoor time here in Pennsylvania.  Now that the weather has cleared, I am becoming really nostalgic for "our" Pennsylvania.  After almost a decade of living here I think I many be part "Pennsylvanian".  

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