Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The last month has been filled with surprises......A very nice way to put it:) 

The latest...... 

After our original buyers backed out a second time....hmhmhm

We put our house on the market ...

AND it is under contract


Under contract is the key word....I have learned.  

I am quite sure the last few weeks have given me some gray hair, however what is done is done.  We have to take life as it comes.  It just comes a bit differently than expected sometimes.  

Taking life as it comes is not always easy and convenient.  I have felt stretched in ways, not very comfortable.  

However, we have a place to call home in a few weeks time, and what is done it done.  

I always envisioned that I would be THRILLED beyond measure to be finishing a grueling ten years of my husband studying and gone all the time with residency.  I thought I would be jumping for joy.... literally.  I have been surprised how somber I feel.  Somber not because of the stresses of the past month or so.  I am somber because I have found a home and now I have to say goodbye.  

I have found my niche, my places, my people, my life here in Pennsylvania.  I have grown to love this Pennsylvania land..... the smells, the culture, the quirks, the history. 
The journey and experiences of the last ten years of my life in Pennsylvania have shaped who I have become.  I am a changed woman from when we started this journey.....we are a changed family.  I have given birth to three of my children, I have been humbled, I have learned of my families strengths and been surprised by what I can endure. I have realized and accepted some of my weaknesses. I have learned and developed new talents I didn't even know I had.  I have shed a lot of tears, and my house has been filled with much laughter.  

With our two hands, my husband and I have scrubbed the walls of this smoke infested home we bought in foreclosure.  My husband has gutted walls, and we have painted every square inch.  We have learned how to tile.  Mike has literally built a roof over our heads.  We have given our everything to the last ten years, to this house, to Pennsylvania. 

And is GONE.  

This home will no longer be ours in a month, my dearest neighbors I LOVE with all of my heart, will no longer be next door.  The quirky neighbors down the street will no longer bug us, the smells of Pennsylvania rain will not be lingering.  The park and secret fort my children play in will no longer be theirs.  

It is sad!  This move is cry worthy.  

Every time we go to Wegman's (our favorite grocery store), every time I walk my kids around (our block), every time I sit out with my neighbors on our Adirondacks.....and talk about nothing and everything.....I think......this is it.  This is the end of our Pennsylvania journey.

Hard to believe and worthy to be thoughtful.  


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