Wednesday, June 4, 2014

It's been a while......

Blogging has taken a back seat the past couple of weeks.  We have had daily changes that have required all of my efforts, emotions and physical strength.:)  We started packing up the house in preparation for our big move across the country.  However in the midst of packing we were informed that our buyers buyer backed out of their deal.  The second people who have offered on our house, still have an offer but need to find another buyer before they can close with us.  

I can tell you there have been few times in my life where I have had to muster ALL energy and emotions to unpack some belongings to once again RE LIST my home.   I know to some this may seem very trivial, but the entire past decade of my husbands training has been process of emotions and work. 

Life throws curve balls.  The moment that I actually swap keys with someone who wants to purchase my house, will the be the day that I believe in the house selling process.  With the house sale chapter not closed, it is kind of a strange feeling packing and preparing.  

However since we have a great spot we are excited to move into, my anxiety has been calmed.  
Going through this time it helps me to realize how strong we as mothers, and woman are.  I couldn't be doing what I am doing in this world without my husband and his motivation and commitment.  With that being said this past month with Mother's day, my own Mom's birthday, and Memorial day one theme has stuck out in my mind.


As a woman, wife, and mother we have a lot of rolls we play.  I have been learning those first hand this month more than ever.  Some of those rolls that we as woman learn to face during challenges are determination, grit, loyalty to family, patience, love, work, intuition, faith, love and charity.  I have been tested this past month with all of the traits necessary to be a strong woman in the world.  

I have amazing examples of woman in my life who are good to the core.  I am grateful for those examples.  They get me through the tough times.  I am grateful during this past month that I had many opportunities with mother's day to reflect on my own mother and her strength.  On a daily basis this past month, I kept reminding myself of what my own mother might say to me if she was to visit or call me on the phone.  The words I have heard in my head have gotten me through some of the days this past month.  

Life is good.  Life it great.  I am grateful to be a mother more than anything and have been reminded of the strength I need to share with my own children during this move.  

I had some pictures taken from my amazing friends in Lebanon County.  Inspired and Enchanted  photography took the photos below.  It is great to be a mother.  

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Amber said...

Goosebumps once again from reading your post. :) What beautiful pictures too! The gorgeous green field with the bright bed of yellow pretty!!