Friday, August 29, 2014

Long story short Mesa, Utah, and Washington DC can be a very small world.  Let me rephrase my statement..... the Mormon church in Utah, Mesa, and Washington DC can feel like a very small world.  This morning I invited some girls here in Mesa who all have roots from Utah or Washington DC and are now living in Mesa, Arizona.  Amazingly enough all four of us today knew each other from completely different walks of life, and it seemed like we had all been friends with each other forever. 

I came across a church talk I love the other day.  
It is a talk by Sister Bonnie Oscarson titled Sisterhood:  Oh, How We Need Each Other

The fact of the matter is, we really and truly need each other. Women naturally seek friendship, support, and companionship. We have so much to learn from one another, and we often let self-imposed barriers keep us from enjoying associations which could be among the greatest blessings in our lives. For example, we women who are a little older need what you Primary-age girls have to offer. We can learn much from you about Christlike service and love.

Maybe and especially because I have been living away from family for so long, and daily miss my Mother who has passed away I recognize a need for friendships with other strong woman.  I need strong woman in my life, and friendships have become more important to me over the years.  

 My sister inspired me on my last visit to her house.  She inspired me in many ways, but in relevance to this post she reintroduced me to a love of pistachios.  I have been hooked since my visit to Salt Lake on pistachios....I can't get enough.  Avocados have been another staple in my diet as of late.  It was only fitting I made a pistachio/avocado salad of sorts for my little luncheon today.    

I found these cups from Taget.....and they were screaming my name.  

Some other recent excitement totally unrelated to anything of substance but just as important is my over excitement and joy for my new Caitlin Wilson pillows.  Yes, I LOVE THEM. 

I put them in our casita (little guest house)

I used Catherine's old crib/daybed as a headboard.  Brilliant thought that came to me in the middle of the night.  I would rather save money on the headboard and buy new pillows, than vice versa.  I am all about trying to use what you have.  However, textiles is different story. I have an obsession with different fabrics and a new pillow can make all the difference in my decor life.  Mixing it up with pillows is a lot less expensive than buying new furniture. 

My "old" pink chair looks fabulous with the fabric and..


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