Monday, August 11, 2014

Utah and Reunions......

Growing up in Utah I always felt safe.  Utah is a place I always love to call home.  It is the one spot I have my roots, my family.  It is a landmark of the church I belong to.  Salt Lake  is a valley surrounded by Mountains that I always feel protected by.  It is also a place where I feel a lot of emotions.  My heart is always tender when I land in Utah.  I keep thinking it is quite ridiculous that I cry every time I am in a place I love, but nonetheless it happens EVERY time.  

Well until this weekend.....I think I made a break through.  I didn't cry.  I am still not quite sure why I didn't cry this time, but I think it has something to do with me now living in the Westward region.    

  I flew in to attended my High School 20th year reunion.  I had the best trip reminiscing with people that I grew up with.

This weekend I was able to appreciate people and places that helped shape who I am today.  High school was a time in my life when I felt hopeful, optimistic, naive, insecure, awkward and a million other emotions.  It was a time that in some ways defined who I am; an era that shaped and prepared me for experiences in my future.  

I had a great time going back.  
It had been 20 long years since I had stepped into the courtyard of Skyline High.  I recognized when I stepped into the courtyard  I still feel many of the feelings I did in High School.  I still feel hopeful, optimistic, naive, insecure, and awkward:)  I am still defining who I am and what I want in my life.  

However, one thing has changed.  I now feel comfortable admitting that I feel hopeful, optimistic, naive, insecure and awkward.  I am much more comfortable in my own skin.  It was a good weekend to reflect and enjoy!

A fitting Diet Coke for the weekend.

Spending time with Amber pre-reunion was a highlight.  This girl is one solid, loyal, dear friend.  I just love her.

Lots and lots of memories with the above.....  

Our 8th ward church clan....minus Janet, Megan, Charity, and Heidi.  We were quite the clan....and went through a record number of Sunday school teachers.  

 These girls........

Ambers heels.....check those out.  I day dream of wearing 5 inch heels.  I just don't want to be 6'5.  I was super jelous....but not when climbing to the lodge at Solitude.

   While Mom's away the kids will play and bike.  Check her out with her new bike and no training wheels.  I am one proud Mom. I just surely hope was drinking a lot!  She looks HOT.

When I got home the kids had made me this.  They have been on a banner/poster making kick.  Alyssa explained they each had a part in the banner making process.

Alyssa's contribution ......funny, cute girl who I missed a LOT!  

Ps...gotta love Mikey's

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