Tuesday, September 16, 2014


While Mike was working this past weekend I loaded up the kids for a little vacation to visit favorite people in our lives....

Uncle Billy and Aunt Abby!  

It was a trip to always cherish.  There were many reasons why it was memorable and special.  

Some of the highlights for us.....  

Staying with Billy and Abby being......first guests as newlweds.
  They helped make us feel so incredibly welcome and special.  They are the perfect hosts!

Stopping at fantastic outlets in palm springs.  We traded in our east coast top siders for vans.  The kids each got a pair.
Making it to the beach well before sunset while catching up with my new sister in law.
Watching the kids LOVE the OCEAN just like I did when I was there age.

Eating pizza from a yummy local pizza spot.

Watching nightly movies including a favorite ...Swiss Family Robinson
Feeding ducks and turtles at a park near Billy and Abby's apartment.  Watching Billy try to convince us all that the turtles and ducks like lettuce:). He ended up making a bread run and saved the day once again.

Spending 6 hours straight at the beach.

Watching Mikey swim for the entire 6 hours minus the 20 minutes he spent burried in the sand.

Going to visit Uncle Billy's work at FOX studio....still can't get over he has an office 100 feet away from Rupert Murdock.

Watching Abby play with Sammy and humor his animal obsession.

Recreating an Edwards family tradition of 7$ at grocery store to spend on whatever you want for dinner....not excluding ANYTHING.

Ending up at a beautiful park in Beverly Hills to enjoy our grocery store goods.  
Attending Billy and Abby's church.  

I am so grateful for chances to visit and be visited by family nearby.  

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