Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Warm Light, and Girl Nights.

I was invited to "pie" night with a few woman from my neighborhood and church.  There were 8 of us at a round table. 

My first impression of each of these woman: happy, at ease, put together, unaffected by worries, warm, inviting, charming.  

Things I learned about each of these woman by the end of the night..... 

One of the woman had suffered the loss of a child
One woman had a son who was autistic
One woman had a child diagnosed with stage 4 cancer a year ago, he just finished treatment
One woman came from a family who suffers from  multiple addictions, 
One woman had given birth to a baby with down syndrome, found at birth

I sat in amazement as I learned each of their stories.  I am amazed at these woman's strength, courage, beauty, peace, and honesty in dealing with these struggles.  

As woman and friends we need each other, we need our faith, and we need each others stories to share and be heard.  

Last night I hosted a little gathering of woman from church at my house.  
There is something so warm and inviting about fall nights.....even in Arizona.  It doesn't feel like fall in Arizona, but last night there was a touch and hint of coziness in my house. 

Gold, cream, coral, and orange are always on my top list of colors for fall.

I always love an excuse to buy a few fresh somethings....

 My new coffee table  I found at a local thrift shop....

The above just reminds me of home......

A perfect fall accent chair I found at a local estate sale.  

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