Sunday, October 26, 2014

Halloween Party!

It has been quite a busy, and laughter filled weekend.  
The laughter began Friday evening.  

My good friend Heather planned a Halloween party I will not soon forget.  I just so happened to be lucky enough to receive an invite because I offered my trusty camera.  I was hired and deemed the "party" photographer.  Photo booth and all folks...

I learned something about my friend Heather this past weekend....she is a is paaaarrrrty planner.

Don't let this picture fool you......she is hilarious!!!!:) One of the funniest people I have truly ever met!   

  Some good times were had by all who attended. Costumes were required, children not invited, and dancing/karoake.......well


And yes.....this is my husband.....dancing the night away!

Oh the pictures.....I have taken of these friends of mine. 
I am pretty sure some of them call for some serious black mail.  

I have like 600 photos to go through....

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