Monday, October 20, 2014

When Bec and the girls come to town!

The best part of living away from family is....

When they come to visit!!!

I think there is such a bond that happens when family visits family living away.  My kids have anticipated Aunt Becca and her girls coming to visit for over a month.  We had it on a calendar, on a post-it on the fridge, in my phone, in Alyssa's room, and it was mentioned in conversations daily.  

You get the drift! My kids LOVE family and I am always amazed at the bond even my babies always recognize!     

My sister Bec and her three girls came to visit, and were our first guest in our little Casita.  
We of course enjoyed great food, shopping, and conversations across the board.  There is always much to catch up on with girls in the house.   

We prepared for the special guests with much anticipation.  

I used my favorite tablecloth and goods to try and impress....
I am hopeful if I am a decent host, I might continue to get more visitors:)  

I used my new favorite pink goblets I purchased from a thrift shop. 

They were sweet and appeased me with a photo shoot.....head wreaths and all.  

Goodness are they a fun group to take pictures of.  

Those eyes......JUST LIKE MY MOM's!  

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