Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I am usually not an impulsive shopper.  Especially when it comes to art.  The other day however was an exception.  I found this beautiful large piece of art by Kent Wallis at an antique shop in Chandler, Arizona.  When I saw the picture, and then the price....I knew it was a must.  

Kent Wallis is a Utah artist who my family has loved over the years.  My Mom especially loved Kent Wallis.  I have memories of sitting in the car waiting patiently or impatiently for what seemed for hours while she perused art galleries where his works were presented in Utah.  I was recently amazed with some of his latest works he donated to the LDS Phoenix Temple.   

Art work makes a home.  Although this is NOT an original........it is surely a beautiful replica and simply reminds me of home!  

I knew it when I saw it.  Just the way a piece of art hanging in your home should be.  

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