Monday, November 17, 2014


I have had a chance to meet some really amazing people over the past few months here in Arizona.  People who have already changed and shaped who I am and who I want to become.  I love the opportunity to take pictures of people who inspire me.  It is always a privilege.
This family is one of those.....

Miss Arlene in the middle is Catherine's favorite preschool teacher of all time.  In fact... Miss Arlene is my favorite preschool teacher of all time.  The fact that she lives three doors down from me is just an added benefit.  

She teaches my daughter how to read through scriptures and hands on learning experiences.  She is thoughtful, kind, and simply quite amazing.  

Her husband passed away a few years back, and it is amazing to me the love that surrounded this family while taking their picture.  They ADORE this mother of theirs, and she has raised some really great children.  I never had the chance to meet Miss Arlene's husband, but I am certain beyond a doubt his presence is felt daily with this family.  

Her son in law is a well known artist, and has studied with some of the best all over the world.  

His works are particularly well known in the LDS community.  He has painted one of my favorite pictures of Christ of all time.  


Many of his works are in LDS temples across the world today.  He and his wife are moving to Provo, Utah next month to continue his art career for the LDS church and teach at Universities.  

He and his family are examples in a million ways, but the qualities I noticed were humble, sincere, and very kind.     
Howard and Shari's daughter Belle is an outstanding vocalist.  

She has a full ride music scholarship at the age of 16 to Brigham Young University for next year.  I didn't even know that was possible.  She is someone surely to follow. 

You have GOT to CHECK her out HERE!
I am AMAZED and her newest biggest FAN!

The best life experiences come through interacting with other people who can lift, inspire, and teach us to become better.  It was a beautiful fall Arizona day for me, and one I will not soon forget.  

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