Sunday, November 9, 2014

It is always difficult to catch up with blogging/journaling when you take a bit of a break from it.  So much happens in short periods of time.  At the end of the day I have been finding myself a bit on the tired side.  Tired because days have been filled with kids, chaos, friends, new places, new people, photography, church activities, and kids again.  Tired in a good way, but tired nonetheless.

It has been a time period with lots of action happening, and big decisions trying to be sorted through and made.  Decisions about our families future, and where exactly that will be.  My thoughts have been consumed with where we should as a family move forward.  My poor family and extended family will be happy to not have to listen to my moving dilemma woes.....  

I have been loving Arizona.  I love the sunshine, the people, friends.  The other day I just sat and cried because I just don't want to ever move again.  I just want so badly to stay put in life.  I was reflecting on the past move and the difficult time I had saying goodbye.  I still have difficulty in recognizing I had to say goodbye to friends/turned family in Pennsylvania.  

The thought of moving again almost sounds paralyzing.  However, I had an epiphany the other day.  I was reminded of a quote "What goes up, must come down."  The law of physics.  We can never be stagnant.  Our life can never be just how it is ...... life by the law of physics is always changing.  
Movement is progression, and progression is good.  

Even if we make a movement in the wrong direction....we are still moving and will eventually figure out the right direction.  A ball can not continue to go up up and up.  It will eventually fall to a spot it is suppose to land.   I just keep praying this family falls in a great spot to call home sweet home for a long time to come.   

Just my latest thoughts!  Off to is late!    

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