Thursday, December 18, 2014

Arizona Christmas Dinner

  Tonight we celebrated our Arizona Christmas Eve, and Alyssa's birthday!  It was a beautiful crisp Arizona winter evening.  

My favorite party thus far of the season.....! 

The Sumko family Christmas party with just the 6 of us.   

The menu included Edward's chicken and broccoli casserole, rolls, carrots, potatos, sparkling cider, and cheesecake!  

The birthday girl, who wanted to be all DRESSed up for the party!  

A winterish cake...

banners of course (I am obsessed).  Now that I have a darling paper store a mile is trouble...

These two buddies...

The birthday girl chair.  she made sure it was decorated.  

My antique candelabra's.....I get more use out of these......

and of course a few poinsetta's.  

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