Friday, December 12, 2014

Poinsetta's and a Sick Day....

Yesterday was a sick day.  Catherine was home sick all day and Sam and I were pretending!  During my "sick" day I was able to just focus on decorating.  My favorite decor this year are Poinsetta's

Poinsetta's are my new "MUM" for Arizona!  Mum's in Pennsylvania always made my day.  Poinsetta's have that same effect!  They seem to be EVERWHERE this time of year here in Arizona.  

A cute little Elf welcoming all at the front door.

My "sick" girl watering.  Dillegent...even in times of sickness:)  

Always my favorite piece in  my EVERY season!  This dresser was my Mom's!  

Tis the Season.....:) !!

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