Friday, January 30, 2015

Often when I watch my own children brings back a flood of memories from my own childhood.  I remember playing make believe A LOT and loving every moment.  Catherine and Sammy are particularly at a stage they are enjoying imaginative play.  

Cath......has her own salon apparently from our back patio.  

She has her phone and cell near at all times during her "salon" hours.  Her little vase with flowers is my personal favorite touch.  After all.... your work space needs some decorating:)  

Sammy is her side kick with a cozy blanket always near.  My kids and BLANKETS.  I thought I would escape the blanket obsession once we moved to a warm climate.  I was wrong.

Cath pretending she is a gardener.  This girl has her work cut out for her....

On a side note I went to one of my personal favorite stores this week.  IKEA always seems to have and know just what I NEED and always for good deals!   I am in love with this new textile pattern for spring.  I am quite sure I bought every item the print was used on including pillow covers, a twin duvet, place mats, and beach towels.  

Truly.....I just can't resist the color combo.  

I am so happy it is the weekend.  There is something about the weekend so calming!  

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