Sunday, February 8, 2015

Disneyland and the Weekend.

A couple of weeks ago my friend Deanne and I found out about a deal.  We love a good deal, and both were up for the adventure.  It was a good deal on Disneyland, with certain dates that tickets had to be used.  We jumped at the chance and headed down to California Disney 5 1/2 hours away (so close!!!) 

Mike and her husband both work at the same hospital and held down the fort at home.  It was the first time for my kids to go to Disney in California, and my first time at California Adventure.  We took full advantage of 75 degree weather and NO LINES due to the measle epidemic scare.  We are all immunized so we risked it!  

 It was a trip we will never forget!  

Sammy is smiling so big in this picture actually looks like he is crying!  
His favorite was PLUTO ....over Mickey and all.  
He hasn't let go of his "doggie" since we have gotten home from the trip.  Mike is a bit thrilled he has traded his purple my little pony for pluto in hand. 

A bit bright for some......

5 years old is a pretty cute age for Disney......

We packed a lot of our food....but couldn't resist our two favorites, corndogs and ice cream cones. Disneyland corndogs and  Ghiradelli icecream cones are the best.  These faces.....say it all.  We were there from opening to close for two of the days.  Hence.....a yummy treat was almost as exciting as Disney itself!

Of all the rides.....Sams FAVORITE was the horse carousal.  He loves horses!!!  

A little selfie just before the Disney Parade!  I was as enamored as the kids! 

I loved all the bright colors and little rides.  

How can we not get a picture with Donald...

Sam didn't want to stop hugging Olaf!

He is going through an extra snuggly, kissy phase.....

and we are all eating it up.  

We took full advantage of everything we could, so by day three and a half we were all ready to come home.  That is until I started doing laundry......

We came home to company visiting us the very next day.  It was great to catch up with some of Mike's fellow Box Elder Bee friends from high school.  Mitch and Angie came down to stay with us for the weekend.  

 What better way to entertain these two die hard runners/athletes than to climb Camel back.  It was my first time.  And I am......

sore!!  It was beautiful, cool weather, and fun to spend time and catch up. 

 A new view of our new home (Mesa) from the top of camel back with old friends. 

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