Sunday, February 22, 2015

I have weeks here and there where I feel like I could write a novel.  The happenings of life are plentiful, drama is present, and I just have to roll with the punches.  

Our drama over the past 2 weeks:

Car transmission died!
My husband and Mikey literally running our car through a wall in our house....(story for another day)!
A trip to the Emergency room with Mikey for severe severe stomach pains~
A Virus on my computer system!~
Major cold and flu running through our house!
Breaking a friends photo light, which lead to me swearing in front of the entire group of Young Woman!

Just keeping it real around here.  
On the up side....

New Beginnings was such a great night and the invites and gifts I worked on turned out with success!
The weather here is DREAMYYYYYY!  
I had three different extremely kind people bring me dinner/and or cookies to cheer me on through the past weeks craziness!
My husband professed his love despite walls literally crashing in around us!
I received $500 from a farm in Idaho I didn't realize I had ownership in!
Mikey is feeling much much better, and despite not knowing the cause of pain he is definitely on the up and up.  

It has been one of those weeks I want to forget, but reminisce 5 years from now.  

New beginnings invites...

Theme we used....

Gifts made.....modge podge, wood, and anchors.....can't go wrong.

In the meantime the simple pleasures of kids playing and bubbles make me happy, keep it real, and remind me of what is truly the most important!

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