Wednesday, April 22, 2015


It is a slew of birthday's around here.  We started of with mine yesterday.  Today is Mike's and next Monday is Sammy's.  Sam is convinced he has three birthday's....and we love it!  We add him to every birthday song.  

Yesterday was an extra great birthday!  The best part of blogging is reliving memories.  I woke up on my birthday happy, and felt showered with love.  I have great friends and a family who I know loves me.  What more could I ask for.

My friends were so thoughtful throughout the day.  DeAnne planted flowers in my pots, and organized a lunch.  I had other dear friends call, drop off notes, kind words, and treats.  I had phone calls from family throughout the day and generous packages sent from Utah.  I am so lucky to have people in my life that are great examples of love and giving.  

Last night.....all I wanted was to celebrate at home.  I wanted a "party" with my little family.  Everyone in the family helped make the eve just right.  Each person had a role in helping.  I told my family and meant every word.....there is no place I would have rather been than right where I was.  Not a castle, a vacation, or a diamond could compete with my contentment last night!  I looked at each of my children's faces and my husband and felt complete peace and contentment.  Those are the best kind of birthday's.

The girls brought me a crown of jewels to wear for the event...

Alyssa helped hang the pendants....

Catherine decorated the cake with flowers....she did AMAZING!

I used treasured orchids that were birthday gifts from friends for my centerpiece....

old wingback chairs.....are an obsession....and my little Mikey helped me move them under the tent.

Cath made sure I had a special decoration on my plate....

Everyone in my family played a major part in making my day special.  

It was kind of a dreamy eve.   Now I get to celebrate my cute husbands birthday. APRIL!

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