Monday, April 27, 2015

Little Sam turns 3

Sam turns three today.  Every baby is a miracle.  However, in this household Sam is an extra big miracle.  I had various complication concerns with my pregnancy.  The cord was wrapped around his neck 4 times during delivery.  My entire pregnancy I was exhausted, stressed, and not quite sure how this little person was going to fit into our family life.

We are surely grateful and feel blessed to have this amazing little soul in our family.  
Sam loves animals.  He loves horses and ponies especially.  His my little pony collection could rival any little 3 year old girl.  However, his toughness and wrestling skills may outweigh his love for ponies.  He is happiest without clothes, and especially shirts/shoes.  He has been wearing his homeade crown given to him by his best buddy Eli ALL DAY on this birthday of his!  

Sam is covered in dirt 90 percent of the time, gets thrown in the back seat often, and is wrestled and hugged to death by his siblings.  He is the perfect fourth child.  His favorite words are .......well screams.  Who needs words when brothers and sisters say them for you?  Sam is kind and sweet.  He has been known to hit a few times in his life.....but the hit is usually shortly followed with him giving a giant hug or wet slobbery kiss. 

He pretty much has us wrapped around his finger.  He loves to snuggle, especially late at night in Mom and Dad's bed when all the other kids are asleep.  His favorite food it pizza.....he has been known to eat an entire pizza by himself.  Thank goodness for Little Ceasars across the street.  

We love our little Sam, and can't wait to continue to be part of his life story.  It is always humbling to realize I have been blessed with giant souls in tiny bodies.  I LOVE my SAM!  

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