Friday, April 3, 2015


We have had a great week of company visiting.  I can tell a favorite part of this time of year in Arizona is the visitors that come through for vacation.   We have seen family, and great friends this past week!  It makes me feel like I am on vacation when I am actually not.  Darn....I have laundry, homework and activities for the kids etc.  However we just kind of push that to the back our minds, and enjoy company.  

I got to see this darling girl this past week.  A hike up camel back and lunch afterwards is a favorite past time with visitors we love.  

I tried something new this week.  I had a friend invite me to go paddle boarding at Saguaro Lake.  I am hooked.  In fact I am taking Mikes family visiting us this weekend.  Being outdoors is truly breathtaking this time of year in Arizona.  The desert and lakes surrounding really are beautiful.  We all took our toddlers with our oldest kids in school.

A play date paddle boarding.....

I was the only one who fell off my board because of a 1/2 inch wake, but Sam survived like a trooper.  We got back on the paddle boat after a bit of a struggle in the water.  Getting back on the board is the hardest part of falling.  Sam my man was a trooper and I am paddle board hooked.  Now that I know how close the lake is to our house, I have decided we need to become regulars.  We are heading back this weekend with visitors in tow.  

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