Monday, April 20, 2015

The weekend....

This past weekend I had a chance to meet inspiring people and listen uplifting messages.  I met people who made an impact in my life by being genuine and sincere in their convictions and messages.  On Saturday I met a girl who was raised in an Russian orphanage until she was 16 years old.  At the age of 16 she was adopted into a family who live in Gilbert.  Her strength and story was extraordinary.  On Sunday I went to church and listened to an 18 year old bear his testimony about God.  He had parents who had given up hope in religion.  He was surrounded by good friends in high school who badgered him to find his own beliefs.  His friends were determined and patient in helping him draw nearer to God.  He found his way and beliefs on his own with a lot of opposition from his family.  His story inspired me to be better.

Sunday night I met a man who moved to the United States from Japan.  He was in no way religious, but packed a random book from a stranger who knocked on his door in Japan years earlier.  The book was the Book of Mormon.  He had courage to read the book and find peace and happiness in his beliefs. 

I am always inspired by people who dare to stand alone in something they find important!  I find encouragement when I hear other people's stories that are "perfect" for them to find what they need to gain peace.   

Tonight I went to a girls house who is 15 years old and wanting to learn more about God.  She invited the missionaries and myself into her home.  She is being raised by her 75 year old grandparents suffering from major health issues.  She is radiant and good in all things.  I was inspired by her and her poise.  

My life is good.  However, my life is greater because of examples and people who make an impact on my heart. 

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