Friday, May 15, 2015

Arizona Style

I always love a good trend wherever you live.  I feel like if you dress the part of where you live, you embrace it that much more.  Fashion and decor are subject to where you live.  Houses and clothing I loved while living in the East, don't quite look right here in Arizona.  The same goes with clothing....wool and Arizona....just don't go together.  

Every place I have lived or traveled seems to have a bit of its own fashion flare.  In the South I loved to see people wear madras plaid, and seersucker.  In the East....a polo shirt, loafers, and bow ties.  In Utah it is a mix, but I could always spot a native with Patagonia or North Face.  

Arizona .......has it's own fashion staples.  I know my list below are trendy everywhere...but in Arizona I notice a lot of.... 

free people clothing
maxi skirts
workout outfits from head to toe

and lets not forget


I always love a good trend...

My new white jeans, and cut out booties are my "embracing the fashion culture" Arizona staples.

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