Friday, May 8, 2015

Catherine and Sam.....continue to be quite a duo around here.  Sam is potty training and the fourth child surprisingly has not been as easy to train.  
However, his Mickey Mouse unders are his favorite and he loves to show them off.  

They were having way too much fun in the front yard playing cowboy ranger.  

Mikey....the older responsible scout trying to explain why it isn't appropriate for Sam to be in the front yard with just his unders.  Mikey is turning out to veryyyyyy conscientious.  Sometimes a bit to our dismay:)   

Catherine in her preschool end of the year/Mother's day program.  She was proud as could be to play the nurse.  

And some of my favorite photos from when we got some recent family photos/mother's day shot.  

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DeAnn McWhorter said...

Why haven't I seen this pictures until now. They are amazing! I love the colors!