Sunday, May 3, 2015


This past weekend I had a chance to visit Utah and attend a bit of BYU women's conference.  I was able to see family, squeeze in a photo shoot and enjoy beautiful spring weather in Utah.  One of the best parts of living in Arizona is being able to get to Utah less than four hours door to door.  Utah has a lot of meaning to me in my life for various reasons.  It is my roots.  There is something about going back to the place I grew up that helps me remember where I have come from, and who I am in part because of that.  It helps me find clarity in how I want to become better.  

My trip didn't go quite as planned, however for me the end it turned better because of people.  I learned something valuable about myself.  Being alone and independent is over rated.  As much as I think I need alone time, I need to feel connected with people .  I packed and arrived smoothly to SLC.  I hardly told a soul about my trip.  I thought I was ready and needing some quiet reflective free time.  Something I lack, and something I crave.  However, I quickly learned about the time I landed that I crave and need other people.  I need others for help, for aid, for comfort and for fulfillment.  

I have learned and re-learned this lesson over and over again in my life.  Many of times while single, and times married with children.  This trip I had to rely on help from those close to me.  My brother came to my aid with transportation when my original plan fell through.  My sister helped me with a beautiful and comfortable place to stay.  I had a dear friend help me make it home with a ride to the airport.  This trip was enriched because of aid and love from other people.    

On my return flight home there was quite a bit of turbulence.  There were about 20 other woman on the plane....clearly mothers of children who had also been attending BYU women's conference.  I thought the turbulence would subside quickly, however it did not.  The turbulence got worse and I have truly never been more terrified in my life.  My prayers started to turn to pleads and promises......never ending.  I immediately craved comfort from those around me who were complete strangers.  I turned to the woman next to me.  Her face was as terrified as mine.  We immediately started connecting and talked about what we enjoyed and learned at the conference.  I was so grateful for a complete stranger and the comfort she gave me.  

We all need people in our lives to get us through the good the bad and the ugly.

I re-connected with a friend who I took pictures of at Temple Square for Mother's day.  I get them taken every year with my own children.  It has become a tradition of sorts.  

This friend of mine is so beautiful inside and out.  When we met up it was as if time has never passed.  

What a treat for meet her darling children.  

These are just a few of many great shots......I am loving editing them all.


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