Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Daddy Daughter, Valentines Day Date, and House......

A darling trio for the daddy daughter date.  

These Latin men....minus my husband (who just looks Latin) commandeered a boat and ordered sushi for all of us lucky wives.  Mike and friends surprised us wives with a boating outing at sunset for Valentines day.  I am grateful for thoughtful friends who influence us all for good.   

Our new home has been keeping us all busy..... a project in the makings.  We are surely enjoy the journey.....and are truly grateful for a bit more space, and a place we can settle!     

My old "newly recovered wing backs in tact".  
We are just waiting for rugs to come...

love my view from our breakfast nook....and the open floorplan.  

Cath's wallpaper.....

Sam my man....king of OUR bed!  

Chandeliers and lighting are my favorite part of decorating.  

We installed checkerboard moldings the day we closed on the house.  Little by little we will get things done around here.  

Caitlin Wilson check wallpaper....

Chairs I found at Epic Thrift ....both for 20 dollars.  Pillows make all the difference.  

We are loving our tile wood floors throughout the main level.  They are easy to take care of, durable....and color is spot on what I was hoping for.  

In the middle of spray painting hardware gold......a bit daring....we shall see how they hold up!  The house came with standard nickel plated hardware and I couldn't just throw them away!  I am contemplating what do with my oven hood.....I am thinking seriously about covering with wood and painting a navy blue.....?:)

Just a few random pictures of our crazy life lately.  We keep thinking it is going to slow down a bit.  In the meantime the focus is to just enjoy the ride and take it as it comes.  

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