Thursday, March 3, 2016

Dr. Suess and crazy sock day....and home.....

This week has been Dr. Suess week at our elementary school, and my kids have been extra enthusiastic about the festivities involved.  They have been surprisingly diligent with following the Dr. Suess dress code.  Especially Mikey has surprised me with his enthusiasm.  Today was crazy sock day.....and Mikey was thrilled about his "super cool and crazy" socks I bought him from Walmart.  Green eggs and ham are in order for dinner this evening.  

We are not great morning people around here, and must admit we all struggle with an early school time start.  Sam is not quite sure if he is awake or asleep in this photo above....pretty much how he is every morning.  Gotta love his "two blankies" I am in charge of keeping track of.  

Around the homefront we have been busy painting and shiplapping.  I have learned to use a drill and wow has my life changed.  Hanging curtains is becoming a specialty and I am quite proud I must say.  

My hardware is all painted....and I am surprised quite honestly how well it turned out.

My flea market chandelier is definitely my favorite find for the house.  Sweet Salvage on 7th is my favorite market here in Phoenix.  It is only open one weekend a month, and getting there early is key for great finds.  

I kind of love this piece of art I bought from sweet salvage....but Mike is not quite convinced.  I love the pop of green......

 Sam my man!  

If I could have a bar cart in every room I would.  I may eventually.  This one is a particular  favorite and only cost me $59 on sale at hobby lobby.  

I am surely enjoying making our home "our" home.  

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