Monday, April 18, 2016

A few pictures of house...finds...projects....and decisions in making.

Trying to decide on which pale green color to paint the walls.  We had greenish blue walls in our house in Pennsylvania.....and I miss a room with just the perfect green wall.  I have it down to three options.  I am putting off my decision in large because I don't want to have to actually do the dirty work and PAINT!:)  

Getting our guest bedroom ready for use!

I have this really amazing and talented friend who happens to also be an interior designer on the side.  She was at dinner here at my house the other night and just happened to have the PERFECT rug she was going to return to home goods.  Instead I was the lucky recipient.  I LOVE IT!  

Caitlin Wilson Navy Kismet rug.....I am in LOVE with in my entryway.  

I have this slight obsession with chinoiserie!  Anything chinoiserie.....I almost can't resist.  I bought these pillows off of etsy (where I buy all my pillows) and I wish my whole house was covered in this as wallpaper.  The pillows will just have to apease.  

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE thrift shopping.  I thought my days of thrifting were over once I left the East.  However, I have found that to be NOT true at all!  I have discovered some fantastic thrifting here in Arizona and this beautiful orignal artwork is from one of my recent escapades.  

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