Friday, April 22, 2016

Happy Birthday to US!

13 years ago Mike came up to me at church and said "I was looking in the church directory and noticed we basically have the same birthday."  True pick up line.  My response....changed the course of my life forever.  Good thing I made the right one.....and I SURELY DID!

We celebrated last night by going out to dinner to our favorite restaurant here in Phoenix.  There are a million and one fantastic restaurants around town, but Capitol Grill has become probably our number one for a special night out.  Our favorite menu items that have won us over is the fried calamari, and lobster mac and cheese.  Heaven on earth in both of our minds.  

This was a big birthday for me....the year of turning the big 4 0!  YIKES....almost hard to type the numbers.  It actually feels quite fantastic to feel so great at 40.  I feel peace, and comfortable in my skin ......a blessing that comes with maturity.  

I loved the day because it included conversations and time spent with the best of friends, and people I cherish!  The older I get the more I appreciate and recognize the fullness in my life comes from those around me.  I am blessed to be surrounded by people who are simply wonderful.  I am so grateful!  

I spent most my day with great girlfriends.  We went for a pedicure and to lunch and some shopping along the way!   

I didn't wash one dish, do one load of laundry, pick up one pair of dirty sock, or even make my bed!   It was a day of indulgence, and I LOVED every moment.  Cheers to the big 4 0 and life ahead.