Thursday, April 28, 2016

It seems often that when you have one fantastic can be followed by a week of craziness with often unexpected out of controls.  This has been my week.  One of my favorite parts of blogging/jourgnaling is being able to look back over a personal history of sorts.  

It has lifted my soul to go clear back to the beginning of the time I started blogging/journaling!   
This week my Sam turned 4!!!! Wow.....pretty sure those have been the fastest years of my LIFE!  f

He is such a joy in our lives.  He is full of sweetness, joy, mischief, silliness and all things little boys are made of.  We LOVE him beyond.  Life's schedule this week has called for some adjustments.  Life realities have brought a bit of chaos.  All too close to articulate at the present. 

Yesterday for Sam's birthday....I cleared my schedule all for him.  We woke up to the day....just the two of us!  I called him in " a birthday/sick day to his preschool".  I HAD to run an errand first thing to world market and our celebration of  Sam started here.  I told him he could choose a few things he wanted.  They actually have a darling toy section.  

He LOVES stuffed animals beyond, and immediately grabbed a handful.  He found some treats....I got my goods and errand accomplished.  We were both happy as could be.  

It was beautiful weather here yesterday.  Usually it is quite hot by now, but the weather this week has been breezy and PERFECT!  I looked at Sam and immediately new he needed a ZOO day!  He LOVES the zoo and LOVES animals.  

Mike called me and had a few hours to kill in between surgeries.  He buzzed down the road and met us.  Just the three of us at the zoo for Sam's birthday!  

I am not sure who loves the zoo more....Sam or Dad being able to actually take SAM!  

I was obsessed with the pink flamingos...this time around!  

We buzzed home just in time for the kids to get home from school.  It felt like our afternoon was jam packed with activities and work....and errands that had to be done!  

We fortunately were able to squeeze in a bar b q before Dad had to leave for an evening church activity!   

His BIG BLUE eyes!!!! Pretty sure they come from my side of the family.  

Sam requested hot dogs and hamburgers for that is exactly what he got.  SODA is his favorite thing in all the world.  I try my very very best to not let him have it.  His birthday it was only fitting for us to all toast to rootbeer....not diet coke:)!

My table setting was a hodgemopodge....but set nonetheless.:)

When we get together with old college friends of Mike they joke and ask if he still likes to walk around all the time with his shirt off any chance he can get.  I ALWAYs answer YES!  He entertains the crowd this husband of mine!

As good as we get.....on a CRAAAZY DAY!

His favorite stuffed animals from the morning escapades...


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